Our next project will be a first-person climate change documentary entitled, “Concerned Global Citizens”

The introduction to our “Concerned Citizens” series will be a documentary about climate change from the perspectives of concerned citizens.

Tony Aaron II, Chris Carthern, Allison Ewing, and others will travel around the world for the next year to experience and document the beauty and climate change dangers of some of the world’s most popular vacation destinations. Along the way we will speak with scientists, conservationists, local citizens, politicians, and if the animals choose to speak with us we will listen to what they have to say as well. We will be well prepared to not just enjoy nature and luxury, but to understand the larger story of what is happening beneath our feet, in our lungs, and beyond what we are able or allowed to see. When applicable we will ask tough questions of those with power and of ourselves. We aim to play a small part in setting a new standard around the conversation about climate change. And we may even have a little fun along the way.

Our approach will not be limited to good intentions. Technically, every detail will be captured on top of the line equipment. Our cameras will capture up to 8K resolution and the final movie will presented in 4K HDR. Another part of the story of this journey will be the movie’s original score, some of which will be composed in real time at each of the movie’s various locations.

We intend to premiere “Concerned Global Citizens” in 4K HDR at Sundance 2023.

Until then, take care and keep fighting the good and necessary fights.