Anatomy of a Story:

Jonathan Katz & the State of the Union Rebuttal (2024)

14:12 | Documentary

On March 8th, 2024 a TikTok video about the previous night’s State of the Union rebuttal from experienced independent news reporter Jonathan M. Katz went viral and created an important news cycle about truth in politics in the United States.

Triggers (2020)

0:46 | Trailer

An aspiring conservative politician attempts to run for office whilst avoiding dealing with gun violence and personal tragedy in the age of right-wing media.

1:22:10 | Feature Movie

Award poster for Triggers

Beyond the Frame: Triggers (2020)

2:16:03 | Documentary

Beyond the Frame is a behind the scenes documentary series detailing the independent production processes of Mystery Dinner Studios. In Beyond the Frame: Triggers co-executive producers Tony Aaron II & Chris Carthern, with co-composer Otis Jones, walk you through some of the details of the creation of Triggers, an independent movie about conservative politics and gun violence.

Poster for Beyond the Frame: Triggers

Concerned Global Citizens

Poster for Concerned Global Citizens

Concerned Global Citizens is an upcoming documentary about 3 years of travel around the world, climate change, and the joys and sadnesses of self-discovery.

A Winter's Journey

Poster for A Winter’s Journey

A black snowboarder goes on a 3 year journey from beginner to expert and stands up to the bigots in, and the bigotry of, the industry along the way.

The Team

Tony Aaron II and Chris Carthern are co-executive producers, best friends, and social justice advocates that have devoted their careers to self-producing diverse, woke, incisive, and insightful content with the uncompromising intention of doing their part to permanently change the world for all underrepresented and oppressed peoples. #BlackLivesMatter #ProportionalRepresentationNow

Tony Aaron II

Director ∙ Cinematographer ∙ Editor ∙ Composer ∙ Executive Producer

Chris Carthern

Camera Operator ∙ Location Sound Recordist ∙ Executive Producer

Allison Ewing

Associate Executive Producer ∙ Casting Producer

Otis Jones


Guillermo Schöning

Intern ∙ Camera Operator ∙ Still Photographer

Brian Bradford

Mentor ∙ Retired CBS Paramount Executive

Rev. Benjamin Perry

Religious Progressive ∙ Religion Consultant

Heather Taylor

Police Reform Consultant ∙ Retired Detective Sargent

executive producers TONY AARON II and CHRIS CARTHERN
associate executive producer ALLISON EWING
director TONY AARON II  cinematographer TONY AARON II